Parenting Truths 6: Your kid is going to be the same person forever

In those early days, when your baby is slowly waking up from being inside the womb for so long and learning to interface with the outside world, you pay attention so carefully. You watch how your child moves, how your child approaches the world and taking in information, and how your child interacts with other people.

Flash forward ten years and your child moves and takes in info and interacts the same way.

Flash forward another ten years, another thirty years, and it's the same thing.

Parenting your child is about knowing what to facilitate and what to scaffold, what to help manage and what to encourage. But your child is going to be the same essential person forever. That means that as you grow together you get to know and understand each other more and more, and learn what makes each of you bloom.

It's a big chance to learn to love each other the way you each need to be loved. As the parent, you get to guide that. And it starts by watching carefully, and being open to who this wonderful little person is. And then helping them become even more of that as they grow in skills and ability to communicate.

It's a wonderful life, this chance to love someone for decades, and to watch how they unfold.