Why is my baby wigging out?

You bring your baby home and things are going fine, then suddenly your baby won't stop crying for days, or wants to eat all the time, or starts waking up in the middle of the night all night. And you wonder if it's something you've done, or if it's an actual thing.

Most of the time it probably is a thing. This MoxieTopic: Is This a Thing? timeline summarizes the main blips and weird spots that happen for the first two years at predictable times, including growth spurts, sleep regressions, disequilibrium phases, and other common issues that seem to happen at specific times. I am working on a full-length book about this, but here's the basic timeline (along with pointers about riding the waves and what to check if it's not one of the things on the timeline) in eight pages. Once you know when and why and how, you’ll know what to do about it, because you’re the best parent for your child. Plus, you can make it through 8 pages, even with your current lack of sleep. Move your sleepy index finger to click on the button to buy it now.

$5, eight pages (only five of them are the actual timeline--there aren't THAT many blips and problem spots). Once you pay through PayPal you’ll get an email asking you to confirm, click through that, and you’ll get the email with the link to download the PDF file. (If you don't get anything within a few minutes, check your spam file. If it's not there, email me at askmoxie at gmail dot com and I'll track it down.)

This PDF is for your own personal use and allows you to read on devices or print it out. Please do not share electronic copies with others or print copies for others. You can print out as many copies as you want to for yourself, so don't worry about spilling on them.