How can I keep my kids from losing it and going wild during the holiday season?

The "holiday season" (whether that's December, the High Holidays, Ramadan, or some other season) can be brutal on kids, and equally bad for parents because there's so much excitement and upheaval. By paying attention to a few key factors you can keep your kids on a more even keel during the holidays and keep yourself less stressed, too.

This MoxieTopic: Keeping Kids On An Even Keel During Holidays leads you through the three things you can and should control during the holidays season, three things you probably can't control but need to be very aware of, and three things that affect adults that can cause stress that cascades down to your kids. The whole philosophy is that by managing the things you can, you leave room for the actual people in the family holiday celebrations.  Take a break from making your lists to buy it now.

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