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This is the bundle of the five most popular (and arguably most essential) MoxieTopics for parents of newborns. Buy them separately for $25, or buy them in the bundle and pay only $20. You get:

New Parent Survival Guide that tells you how to approach the first twelve weeks,

Is This a Thing? Timeline, with all the blips and regressions and trouble spots for the first two years,

Parenting With Another Person, about how to make sure each half of the partnership gets to participate equally and no one gets pigeonholed,

Sleep Regression Intensive, with all the sleep regressions and how to deal with them,

Tension Increasers and Tension Decreasers, that helps you figure out if you should let your baby cry or not based on how they process crying.

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$20, 5 separate PDFs. Once you pay through PayPal you’ll get one email from SendOwl with the link to download all five PDFs. If you don't receive anything within a few minutes, email me at askmoxie at gmail dot com and I'll track it down.

These PDFs are for your own personal use and allow you to read on devices or print them out. Please do not share electronic copies with others or print copies for others. You can print out as many copies as you want to for yourself, so don't worry about spilling on them.

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