Stress, trees, gifts, food, travel, blah blah blah. It's going to happen next week whether we're ready or not, so instead let's talk today about the whole fresh page we get when the New Year comes. I am going to invest in myself in two ways, and I invite you to do either or both of these with me. One's short and intense, and the other's longer and intense over more time.


Write Out 2013; Write In 2014

Close the book on 2013 and beckon in goodness for 2014 by writing with us on New Year's Eve (1 pm -7 pm EST). This retreat (or mad scramble, perhaps) is designed to carve out the space and time for you to write for closure of the old year and to write what you hope for for the new year.

Personal, professional, spiritual, whatever you need it to be. Your choice of writing format: write it as a story, list, haiku, plan, whatever resonates for you. We give guidance and feedback as you go, then once you're done, you're done and have a piece you're proud of! $45 for the whole event.

For everyone, of all ages, sexes, situations, locations. Information and registration here. (We're hosting the information page on our Writing Through Your Divorce site, but this retreat has nothing to do with divorce and is for everyone.) Starts December 31st at 1 pm EST, so sign up now so you can log in to the message board and be ready to hit the ground typing when we start.


Your Amazing Year Workbook 2014

I told you about this last year, and a bunch of us bought it to try it out. Last year I said, "And I was just having this feeling that I could do more this year and somehow my regular one-page list of goals wasn't going to do it, and right them Leonie's bright pink and purple glittery superfantastical planning tool landed right in my inbox. So I bought it, and it is no joke."

What I love about the Your Amazing Year Workbook (both the personal and the business versions) is the structure underlying the woo-woo sparkliness. That combination worked for me, but in ways I hadn't anticipated.

Essentially what happened for me was that I made all these goals for the year and then halfway through my vision entirely changed. So looking back at what I wrote, half of it isn't even stuff I'm interested in right now anymore anyway. BUT. The most important thing I wrote down (which you can see if you look hard at the photo there taken of the that page in my book) absolutely happened. It was a combination of being aware of wanting it so I could change my motivations and reactions to things, and just plain being open to possibility. Who knew. Seriously. I mean, Leonie knew, which is why she wrote the book. But I didn't.


I started a closed Facebook group for people doing the workbook, and these are some results from some of the people in the group:

Anandi Raman Creath started The Papercraft Lab (Handcrafted Memory Albums From Bits to Book) and is thriving with it.

Tiffany Noel Taylor's business increased 300% over the previous year and she's driving a free car from her company.

Julie Abbot Clark wrote a fiction book in a month in the hour every morning before she had to pack her kids up to get out of the house for daycare and her job.

Kristen moved to a walkable neighborhood and reorganized her entire life around that.

Jennifer was so hesitant to verbalize her goals that she didn't write anything down in the 2013 book, but is writing down things in the 2014 book for the new year.

Shalini made an effort to surround herself with positive, energetic people and has been doing stealth acts of creativity with this gang of artists in her town.

Jillian gave herself the space and time to adjust to a new career that seemed like a mismatch at the beginning but that she's enjoying now.

Kristina Elsayed made some shifts in her business and her jewelry-making business is now serving a broader but also more targeted audience.

Even the biggest sparkle resister in the group (who shall remain nameless) got and accepted a new job.

So I think it was a great investment of $20 for each of us.

This year, Leonie is offering the workbooks two ways:

1. A pdf download from the internet. You need to print out the pages on your own and decorate them or not, as you choose. I three-hole punch mine and keep them in a purple binder. I'm going with this option again this year so I can keep mine all in the same binder. Plus, I like the coloring-in process for help thinking. To download, click through and pay, and then you're sent the link to download. (When you click through that link I get a kickback from your purchase.)

2. Buy the book already printed and bound from Amazon. Sources inside the Facebook group that have gotten theirs report that it's about the size of a People magazine and is gorgeous, printed on both sides of the page (so don't use Sharpies on it), and just super-delightful. (I'm actually thinking of buying one of the pre-printed ones from Amazon just to touch it, even though I'm committed to working with the three-hole-punch version as a working document.)


Buy the book, join the FB group, do the work in the book, and then see what happens for you this year.